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  1. It’s that time of year that Wipoa is doing their annual Christmas for children fund. we have three children this year, two boys and one girl.
    The meeting will be on December 11th at 9:00 am
    we will be having a breakfast of Sausage biscuits, pastries, and juice, and coffee, before the meeting please come and join us and bring a wrapped gift or make a donation. you also can send to:
    Wipoa Assoc
    PO box 273
    Grandy Nc 27939
    or you may leave a gift on the porch at 146 shell dr.
    Here is the children’s wish list:
    Girl 8 years old
    Color: Pink
    Coat and shirt size:10-12
    She likes arts supplies, board games, stuffed animals, squishmellows,and fidgets.
    Boy 10 years old
    Color blue
    Coat and shirt size:14-16
    Pants: 10-12
    Shoe: 4
    He likes Funko pops, pokemon, any nerf items anything superhero.
    Boy 14
    Color black
    Coat and shirt size: XL
    Shoe: 11
    He would like to have: skateboard, Sci-fi books, and mystery books.
    Please help us make these children’s Christmas one to remember
    and come join us on December 11th for breakfast at 8:15 and our meeting will follow at 9:00.

  2. Dear Property Owners:

    To try to keep everyone informed:

    A 5 Year Beautification Committee has been created. The goal is to help improve Walnut Island. Members are Phil Hanna, Toni Evans, Leslie Knopfleur, Teresea McPherson.
    Addressing the grass issue, were those failing to mow grass to be fined, as per our covenants, and hire someone to mow said yard and assess the homeowner.
    Unregistered vehicles, failure to register vehicles, then vehicles to be towed and towing charged to the homeowners.
    Any suggestions or comments please reply back to this email.


  3. Dear Members:
    We are just a little behind with the election process.  We are in the need for more board members.  Have a say in your WIPOA, become a board member. New board members bring new ideas.  If you are interested to run again, or become a board member.  Reply to this email with your name, address, and a brief description of why you want to be a board member.  You must be a WIPOA member and in current standing.  Please submit this information no later than April 15th.
    Thanks Don

  4. Soundside Baptist will be holding a sunrise service at 6:45 AM on Sunday, April 4th in front of the community center and all are welcome to attend. Thank you.

    Marion Roberts, Treasurer

  5. We have partnered with Soundside Baptist Church to provide two families with Christmas Gifts to help these two families to enjoy Christmas.

    Below is a list of wishes, and sizes:

    (girl age 9) pants size 14 skinny leg, shirt size 14, shoe size 7.5 womens
    (girl age 7) pants size 14 skinny leg, shirt size 14,shoe size 7.5 womens
    (boy age 5) pants size 7/8 shirt size 7/8 shoe size 2 boys

    (girl age 7) pants size 7 shirt size 7t or med.coat size 12 shoe size 12 she likes Barbies, babydolls, lol dolls, and coloring books
    (boy age 16) pants 32, shirt size med or a large if sweatshirt, mens med, shoe 9/1/2
    He likes video games ps4 football or basketball-NBA 2k21 or Call of Duty Cold War

    We would Like to see each family receive a Bible. All gifts are from WIPOA and its members and Soundside Baptist Church membership.
    Lori Malcom, Brenda Inge will be shopping for the Families

    You may drop off any presents at Curtis Inge house at 136 Dolphin, or Don Raymond 126 Shell Dr.
    You may mail in any monetary donation to WIPOA POB 273 Grandy NC 27939 please mark donation for Christmas Collections.

    You may also drop off any monetary donations at Pat Watson.

    Thank You for helping these families.

    WIPOA Board

  6. The WIPOA board would like to thank Tressia and Gary McPherson for cleaning up the entrance to Walnut Island, Thank you very much for your hard work.

  7. As this Virus has shut down our communities and our way of life, and all Churches are closed that we can come together as a community.
    On Easter Sunday at 6 AM I’m asking that all property owners and residents of Walnut Island to come out on your canal or front yard and share the
    joy that we have been protected from the virus .
    It’s not about your religious beliefs or politics but our neighbors loving and caring for each other. May you and your family be protected and stay safe.
    Looking forward to hearing your voices shouting WIPOA ! WE ARE ONE TOGETHER !

    Curtis Inge

    President WIPOA

  8. Dear Property Owners
    Due to the Stay at Home order, and Coronavirus, the public meeting scheduled for April is cancelled.  We urge everyone to keep the distance, and reduce any unnecessary travel.  Lookin forward to seeing everyone in May.
    The WIPOA also has an opening on the board, if you are interested please let the board know by sending an email with your name to [email protected].  You may also send us the information on the WIPOA website, wipoagrandync.com.
    WIPOA Board

  9. On March 2, 2020 Inlet, Mote, and Dolphin paving project will be started, weather and water dependent. This will limit access to these three roads. Please plan accordingly.

  10. WIPOA is seeking mowing bids for the 2020 mowing season. The mowing will include the common areas and traffic islands, and some landscaping. If you are interested in submitted a bid, please respond to [email protected], subject: Mowing Bids and we will send you a spec sheet. Bid closing date is Mar 1st.

  11. There will be a barge parked at the entrance of the canal system. The barge will be starting dredging work soon. Be careful.

    WIPOA Board

  12. Dear Members
    The WIPOA is again collecting this year for Christmas Gifts.  A gift or cash/check donations would be greatly appreciated.  If you decide to give a check please make check out to WIPOA Christmas Fund. You may drop off any gifts or donation at 126 Shell Dr.  Suggested items and ages are listed below:
    Boy Age 8Favorite Color:  RedJacket size 10Pullover Shirt med (8-9)Jeans size 8-9Tennis Shoes size 2Toys:  P>J> Masks, Batman, Paw Patrollikes to color
    Boy Age 7Favorite color:  Blue/RedWinter Coat size 7Pullover Shirt Size 7Jeans size 7Tennis Shoes size 12Toys: Fire trucks, paw patrol carsLikes building things
    Girl Age 5Favorite Color:  purple/pinkJacket size 6Pullover shirt size 6Jeans size 6Tennis shoes size 12Toys:  Frozen, Barbie’s, Paw PatrolLikes to color
    Any help would be appreciated  Thank You very much.WIPOA board

  13. We will be having a board meeting on October 12th at 900AM at the clubhouse.

    The county has approved Walnut Island to receive at least 3 dumpster for our annual clean-up. The dumpster will be dropped off at the Community Park area on Holly Crescent on Friday October 18, and will be picked up by the county on Monday October 21st. PLEASE no bagged household trash.

    We also will be having a Christmas gift giving, as soon as we get the information, We will let everyone know.

  14. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend. It is hurricane season be prepared and watch the weather.

  15. WIPOA Meeting May 11 at 900 AM. Election results. Everyone please attend.

  16. Currituck County’s annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event will be held on Saturday, April 13, rain or shine. There will be two collection points set up where county residents and property owners may safely dispose of unwanted items.
    Judicial Center in Currituck, at 2801 Caratoke Hwy, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
    Southern OBX Water Plant in Corolla, at 734 Ocean Trail, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
    Typical household hazardous waste items to be collected include: aerosols, antifreeze (and other automotive fluids), household batteries, fire extinguishers, propane tanks (camp and grill), alkaline and acidic cleaners, pool chemicals, fertilizers, weed and feed, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, oil-based paints, wood filler, adhesives, caulk, mercury including thermometers, thermostats and debris, and florescent light tubes.
    Unacceptable items include: latex paint, business waste, explosives, ammunition, radioactive material, smoke detectors, unknown gas or chemicals, prescription drugs, asbestos, bio-hazardous waste, infectious waste, needles, or syringes.
    Currituck County is partnering with EcoFlo, Inc. to operate the collection sites. EcoFlo reserves the right to refuse any waste deemed unsafe to handle or unsuitable for the collection. For additional information, contact Currituck Public Works at 252-232-2504.

  17. Please be considerate of your speed whether in a automobile or golf cart, while driving through our community. Please abide by all laws, speed limits regardless where you live within the community. Heat is going to bring the kids out. NO ONE needs to goto hospital / jail , due to carelessness

  18. Residents and Owners of Walnut Island from time to time we do send out emails about information that might need immediate attention. Please send us your current email address, please also give us your address. If you send your address and email address through this website. I will make sure it remains private. Thanks

  19. WIPOA meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on Faris Drive, on Saturday March 9th at 9 AM. We urge everyone to attend. Thanks

  20. Want to make a difference in Walnut Island? Want to make decisions that affect Walnut Island? WIPOA is looking for board members. The WIPOA has helped with many projects on Walnut Island. If you are interested on being a board member, please use the contact us page and let us know of your interest on being a board member. We are also looking for volunteers to help with different projects. Make a difference, contact us!

  21. Good Morning,
    We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday.
    We are having a problem with the roads, seems that people are going around the first speed bump on Mallard lane and causing damage to peoples property, please don’t do this.
    The second thing is please bring your trash cans in after trash pick-up as one was hit by a car, also if you have trash pick-up your trash can that has a yellow top is for recycling and they will not empty it if it is full of trash.
    Please help us maintain our community.
    Have a great day
    Thank You
    The Wipoa

  22. Oct 13th at 9:00 AM is the next WIPOA meeting, at the clubhouse at 109 Faris. All Walnut Island property owners are urged to attend.

  23. WIPOA residents may park their vehicles in our clubhouse parking lot. Please make sure all Walnut Island residents who live close to the water have room to park their vehicles. Thanks. Be careful and stay safe. There is also an inland shelter per Currituck Government Halifax Community College/100 College Drive/Weldon NC

  24. Great job on creating the WIPOA website! It looks very professional and filled with information! Thank you!

  25. Hi, post a comment if you like. In the future information pertaining to Walnut Island should be added here. Meeting times and dates special events. If you post a comment please be respectful. Thanks

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